Amazon Secret
Amazon Secret

Amazon is now the number one go-to marketplace for many online shoppers. Since Amazon handmade was launched in 2015, many Etsy sellers have expanded their business to Amazon. The huge traffic on Amazon is very attractive. However, only a small percentage of sellers on Amazon are really successful. We are going to talk about a few secrets of Amazon marketplaces.  

Gold Plating Facts
Gold Plating Facts

As a jewelry designer, we all need to deal with gold plating every now and then. It's important to understand the terminology, measurements, and general facts about gold plating. 

5 Ways to Boost Your Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Holidays
5 Ways to Boost Your  Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Holidays

Holiday sales are crucial to jewelry businesses as they are a big percentage of the annual total sales for most jewelry vendors. The success of the holiday sales will define your sales performance for the entire year. What you can do to boost your holiday sales?

Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!
Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!

We just came back from the second biggest jewelry trade show in the western hemisphere: the JIS Miami Show. Once again, it has confirmed one of the hottest trends in today’s jewelry design: small is BIG! Read this blog post and find out the consumer behavior shift and the reason behind "Small is BIG" jewelry trends.

How Creators Can Set Up for a Successful Show or Convention on a Budget
How Creators Can Set Up for a Successful Show or Convention on a Budget

Creative people have many more options these days when it comes to making money from their art. With the addition of websites that provide sales platforms for handmade items, the internet has become a huge boon for individuals who make art, crafts, and other goods. Not only that, craft shows, conventions, and art fairs have grown in popularity in recent years as people search out niche markets for creative items they can’t find anywhere else. When you’re ready to tackle one of these shows, do a little research to figure out the best way to set up and prepare.

The 8 Most Used Bails in Jewelry Making

A list of the 8 most used bails in jewelry making along with pictures, descriptions, and links to the products.

Marketplace Risks for Jewelry Businesses and How to Avoid Them

As a wholesale jewelry supplier, we work with thousands of designers around the world and we are able to notice when there are ups and downs in their sales, as it affects ours as well. We dug deeper and noticed that some shops suffered as they only sold on the online marketplace platform.

Wire Wrapped Pearl Design Ideas

Get inspired with design ideas featuring our wire wrapped pearls.  

Types of Clasps

An important aspect of a jewelry piece design is the clasp. The clasp may not be the most noticeable component but it is the most functional when it comes to wearing a piece and securing it into place.  In some cases, the clasp can also become a striking part of the design too.

There are so many types of clasps to choose from so here is a guide to help explain what options are available and how to use them.

Types of Earring Findings

Stud earrings are simple earrings that consist of a straight post that goes through the ear piercing and has a small adornment of a stone, metal ball, or shape that is attached.  The first earrings you wear after piercing, studs create the illusion that the adornment is floating on an earlobe, as the post and backs are not visible.  Common backs that keep the posts in place are butterfly backs, also known as friction backs, or screw backs, that literally screw onto the post.