Wholesale natural gemstone cabochons for jewelry making. A gemstone cabochon is a gemstone that has been shaped and polished to be a dome shape on the top and is usually flat on the bottom. Over 40 different high grading gemstones to choose from: Apatite, Carnelian, Labradorite, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Kyanite, Opal, Fluorite, Mookaite, Charoite, Larimar, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Seraphinite, Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz, and more. High-quality natural stones in a variety of shapes and sizes ideal for rings, handmade pendants, and other jewelry craft projects, these stones will dazzle you with their natural beauty and authenticity.

Wholesale natural gemstone cabochons.

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Cabochon White Moonstone Square 8mm, Grade A-

SKU: 308105-WMS-08

Cabochon Kyanite Round, 10mm, Grade AB+

SKU: 308102-KYA-10

Cabochon Labradorite Round, 12mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-LAB-12

Cabochon Amazonite Round, 15mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-AMZ-15

Cabochon Amazonite Round, 12mm, Grade A-

SKU: 308102-AMZ-12

Cabochon Amazonite Round, 10mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-AMZ-10

Cabochon Chrysocolla Round, 10mm, Grade AA

SKU: 308102-CHR-10

Cabochon Carnelian Round, 10mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-CRN-10

Cabochon Lapis Lazuli Round, 10mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-LAP-10

Cabochon Lapis Lazuli Round, 14mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-LAP-14

Cabochon Larimar Oval, 12x16mm, Grade A

SKU: 308103-LAR-12

Cabochon Charoite Oval, 12x16mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308103-CHA-12

Cabochon Mexican Opal Square, 10x10mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308105-MOP-10

Cabochon Kyanite Oval, 15x20mm, Grade AB-

SKU: 308103-KYA-15

Cabochon Carnelian Oval, 15x20mm, Grade AB+

SKU: 308103-CRN-15

Cabochon Smoky Quartz Oval, 13x18mm, Grade A

SKU: 308103-SMQ-13

Cabochon Seraphinite Oval, 13x18mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308103-SER-13

Cabochon Kyanite Oval, 13x18mm, Grade AB+

SKU: 308103-KYA-13

Cabochon Tiger's Eye Oval, 12x16mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308103-TIG-12

Cabochon Rose Quartz Oval, 12x16mm, Grade A

SKU: 308103-ROQ-12

Cabochon Amethyst Oval, 12x16mm, Grade A-

SKU: 308103-AMY-12

Cabochon Rhodochrosite Oval, 8x18mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308103-ROD-08

Cabochon Citrine Oval, 8x10mm, Grade AB+

SKU: 308103-CTR-08

Cabochon Rose Quartz Round, 15mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-ROQ-15

Cabochon Phosphosiderite Round, 14mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-PHO-14

Cabochon Smoky Quartz Round, 10mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-SMQ-10

Cabochon Prehnite Round, 10mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-PRE-10

Cabochon Chrome Diopside Round, 10mm, Grade A-

SKU: 308102-CDI-10

Cabochon Tiger's Eye Round, 8mm, Grade A

SKU: 308102-TIG-08

Cabochon Sunstone Round, 8mm, Grade A+

SKU: 308102-SUN-08