Roles You Might Play Working In The Jewelry Business

Roles You Might Play Working In The Jewelry Business


You love jewelry. You need a job. You know there are plenty of opportunities available and that you would be happy working in the jewelry industry. However, maybe you’re not sure which job suits you best. So here are a few roles you might consider looking into to break into the jewelry business, courtesy of AZ Findings.




As a jewelry blogger, you can write about the world of jewelry. You might, for example, report on major estate sales or offer news on antique jewelry finds, such as the story of the Romanian woman from the copper age found buried with gold and pearls.


Jewelry Seller


As a jewel reseller, you can work as a representative for a chain, or you might find vintage jewelry and then resell it. The Good Trade offers information on a few online shops that you might use for inspiration. You can pick at yard sales or local antique and vintage shops to find unique pieces that the world may have thought lost to time. If you become a jewelry seller, launch as an LLC so that you can keep your personal and professional money separate in case you wind up losing on the latter.


Also, if you choose an LLC business structure, don’t forget to designate a registered agent to serve as your business’s point person with the government, tax agencies, and law firms. It’s a good idea to look over the LLC Registered Agent requirements and make sure you have all your bases covered.




There are many different paths you can take to become a jewelry designer. One of the easiest is to simply go down to your local craft store and start tinkering with beads, findings, and other pieces. If you work your way up to designing for a brand that utilizes precious metals and gems, you might train as a goldsmith as an apprentice or go to school for design. No matter which path you take, Vogue asserts that practice is the key.




If you have an eye for detail and enjoy personalization, working as a jewelry engraver may be right for you. You might do this at a jewelry store or invest in your own equipment; CNC Sourced notes there are two different types of engraving machines, one for personalization and one for attaching serial numbers.


Gem Sourcing


When you are naturally inclined to wheeling and dealing, consider becoming a gemstone sourcing agent. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that anyone you buy from is certified and can assure you that the gems they sell to you have not been treated to look different from their original appearance. You might also get creative and buy vintage jewelry, remove the stones, and sell these individually.




A polisher is someone who takes a finished product and ensures that it is nice and clean, and shiny for its end user. In this capacity, you can plan to make a little less than $30,000 per year.


QA Technician


A quality assurance technician works in a manufacturing environment to ensure that an end product meets or exceeds company standards. Jewelry manufacturers use QA techs to ensure their product is consistent no matter when it was made. A few duties you might perform include analyzing pieces and ordering any supplies needed to carry out your job.


Repair Specialist


A jewelry repair person does exactly what the title sounds like: repair jewelry. You’ll need excellent skills with tools, an eye for detail, and plenty of patience.


There are many different ways that you can break into the jewelry industry, from starting your own business to checking out the quality that larger companies produce. But, no matter which you choose to begin with, the end reward is that you get to do what you love. You’ll learn lots along the way, and you may find that you excel in multiple roles and can then maximize your income and earning potential.


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