Zodiac Charms

Your birthday has a corresponding position of the Sun. This position and transits of other planets passed down a set of personality traits to you. This position determines your zodiac sign, also known as astrology sign or Sun sign. This sign impacts your personality and your view of the people and the world around you. Your view and personality will, in turn, impact every choice you make in your life, your love, your career, even your luck. You are your zodiac sign. Read more about zodiac meaning in our jewelry blog.

Create personalized jewelry from our collection of sterling silver and gold vermeil zodiac charm pendants offered at a factory direct wholesale price. A full collection of horoscope charms is available to choose from. All charms are high polished to give them a shiny smooth finish.  You can pair them with our natural birthstones or your favorite gemstone to make custom necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Wholesale sterling silver and gold zodiac charm

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