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What are Edison Pearls?

Edison Pearls are a ground-breaking achievement in the farmed pearl industry. Named after notable inventor Thomas Edison, who once proclaimed “there are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory - diamonds and pearls”, siblings Weijian Zhan and Weiyu Zhan, did in fact, create a new species of freshwater pearl.

The Edison’s premium features such as high luster, large size, and vivid colors have been favorably compared to the upscale salt-water varieties such as South Sea and Tahitian.  But unlike the salt-water pearls, Edison pearls are much more affordable and accessible to the average person thanks to the method in which they are cultivated.

After years of research and experimentation by the Zhan family, their company Grace Pearls, and with the assistance of Zhejiang University in east-central China, the Edison pearl made its debut in 2010.  This new species of freshwater pearl was created by combining some cultured freshwater pearl and some salt-water pearl farming technology and techniques.

The exact pearl making method is not revealed by the creators, but in general, Edison pearls are made by implanting tiny beads into mussels that are specifically selected through genetic research.  Only one bead is implanted, using a secret implanting technique, into each mussel to ensure one large, round pearl is grown.  This is unique as most freshwater mussels produce many small pearls at once. Another unique quality that separates Edison pearls for other freshwater pearls is they can be made in naturally metallic hues and bright colors such as pink, purple, peach, white, gold, and bronze.

Thanks to its creators, the Edison pearl has transformed the pearl industry by allowing more people than ever before to own and cherish impressive pearl jewelry pieces.

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