Freshwater Pearls

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High End Freshwater Mixed Color Pearls Long Necklace 35" -Grade AAAA

SKU: AZ20095-MIX
Graduated Size from 4mm to 8.5mm

High End Freshwater Pearls Long Necklace 35" -Grade AAAA

SKU: AZ20095
Graduated Size from 3mm to 8mm

Sterling Silver Single White Pearl Necklace - 16"

SKU: 711001
Freshwater Pearl - around 5.5mm

Sterling Silver Single Black Pearl Necklace - 16"

SKU: 711002
Limited quantity available

Gold over Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl On Leather Necklace or Bracelet- Adjustable Length

SKU: AZ20094VM
Bracelet Length: 6.5" + 1.5", Necklace Length 15.5" +1.5"

Essential Oil Mini Series Bottle Necklace - Round Shape - Pearl

SKU: 303116VM-PRL
Freshwater Pearl Bottle

Sterling Silver Long Box Chain with Baroque Pearl - 18"

SKU: AZ20093
Pearl size - 11-12 mm by 15-16mm

Sterling Silver Dangle Freshwater Pearl Necklace - 16"

SKU: AZ20091
Dangle pearl pendant 3 inches