Wholesale selection of natural semi-precious gemstone beads for your jewelry making projects. Jasper is a special stone as it has been adorned by people all over the world since ancient times. it is said to bring inner peace, harmony, and protection, as well as, enable a stronger connection to nature.

We have a wide variety of Jasper types such as Rainforest Jasper, Black Jasper, Unakite Jasper, Dalmation Jasper, and Brecciated Jasper in round and geometric shaped beads.

Wholesale Semi-precious Gemstone Bead Strands.

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Jasper Natural Stone Beads - 35x23mm Flat Geometric (Sold Per Strand)

SKU: 351008
106 inch strand is about 11 beads

Jasper Beads - 15x12mm Smooth Oval (Sold Per Strand)

SKU: 351006
15 inch strand is about 24 beads

Unakite Jasper Beads - 4mm Smooth Round (Sold Per Strand)

SKU: 351005
15.5 inch strand is about 94 beads

Natural Rainforest Jasper Beads - Smooth Pear Shape (Sold Per Strand)

SKU: 351002
16 inch strand is about 13 beads

Natural Rainforest Jasper Beads - 20x15mm Square Shape (sold per strand)

SKU: 351001
15 inch strand is about 19 beads