Choosing Between Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil
Choosing Between Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil
Selecting the right materials for your jewelry designs is crucial as it not only impacts the aesthetics of your pieces but also determines their quality and durability. Gold-filled and gold vermeil are two popular options that offer the beauty of gold without the high cost of solid gold. In this article, we'll explore the differences between gold-filled and gold vermeil to help jewelry designers make informed decisions.
Trending Rings in 2022
Trending Rings in 2022
Silver jewelry has always been a part of different traditions and cultures around the globe. This timeless metal is still popular among GenZ and millennials. The antique and vintage designs are still generating a lot of revenue.
Five Design Ideas of Using Leftover Jewelry Chains
Five Design Ideas of Using Leftover Jewelry Chains
Jewelry chains – one of the loveliest, most used, and often the most leftover items in a designer’s chest. In this article, we will talk about some jewelry design ideas from using the leftover chains. It may inspire you to create more unique designs and rescue those leftover chains and hopefully bring in more sales for your jewelry business.
Wedding Ring Trends in 2021
Wedding Ring Trends in 2021

Are you about to get engaged or walk down the aisle in the year 2021 after waiting for years for the most special day of your life with someone special? If your answer is a big yes, it's time for you to think about engagement ring shopping or wedding ring shopping for your partner, with your partner, or just to get acquainted with a wide range of different band settings and diamond cuts.

Whatever your personal jewelry style, you just cannot go with a classic and timeless diamond engagement or wedding ring! Diamonds are timeless and always on-trend beyond their brilliance, beauty, and symbolism.

It is interesting to note here that as much as 83 percent of people surveyed during a retrospective survey of 21,000 couples who got engaged between 2018 and 2019 by the Knot 2019 Jewelry and Engagement Study selected a round-cut white diamond for a center stone. While the classic round-cut white diamond has maintained its status over the years as the most preferred center stone choice, jewelry and signet ring designers across the world keep finding innovative and out-of-the-box ways to make engagement and wedding ring options feel totally unique.

Jade Trau Signet Ring

Truth be told, couples may find the symbolic value and the responsibility carried by engagement and wedding ring to be extra special than ever. A more vintage yet modern appearance like a Jade Trau Signet Ring speak to brides of today and this ring trend is likely to continue in the year 2021 and beyond. No wonder, engagement ring and wedding ring shoppers are evaluating family traditions and legacy as they look for the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring and this is where the Jade Trau Signet Ring steps in.

A year following the one where families were literally forced to stay away and were kept apart, longing for loved ones is bound to make to-be-weds and couples nostalgic. This is one of the biggest reasons that the Jade Trau Signet Ring is right there on top of the top engagement ring and wedding ring trends for 2021 as couples think about their past and future generations as they start their own families.

Band Style Rings

If you are planning to buy stunningly gorgeous for your upcoming engagement or wedding, the Band Style Ring will be an amazing choice for you. Band Style Rings are in great demand for the last few years and rightly so and no wonder they are defined by industry experts as the "it" ring of 2021 and beyond. Beyond being a sustainable ring purchase, Band Style Rings are full of character and exquisitely designed. They hold immense sentimental value and are all the rage for detail-oriented to-be-weds.

Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Rings

The Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Ring may be a non-traditional pick but it does demonstrate some amazingly beautiful romantic symbolism. Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Rings are excellent options for the proposal and wedding season, especially for to-be-weds who are looking for something truly fashion-forward and unique.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring

If you are yet to hear about Rose Cut Diamond Rings, you are surely in for a treat. The Rose Cut Diamond Ring has a domed top and a flat bottom, which resembles a rosebud. When you choose the Rose Cut Diamond Ring, you are always assured of getting more bang for your buck with this stunning ring that has a stunning and savvy cut. The best thing about the Rose Cut Diamond Ring is that it has an antique look much like a timeless signet ring and its flat booms make the diamond appear stronger than its actual weight in carats.

Two-Stone Rings

This may come as a happy surprise for you but two stone engagement rings are referred to as ‘Toi et Moi’ rings, which means you and me in French. The two stone in this ring signifies the union of two hearts in love into one and there is surely nothing that can be more sentimental than that. Moreover, Two-Stone Rings offer twice the bling to the to-be-weds that makes them an excellent purchase option and one of the favorite trends for the year 2021 and beyond.

Blue Sapphire Ring

A Blue Sapphire Ring is the ultimate magic you want to get your hands on. This blue-stone ring has mesmerizing written all over it and is an ultimate classic. In 2021, many to-be-weds are expected to admire blue-hued gems such as tourmalines, topaz, tanzanite, aquamarines, and blue opals. All of these blue-hued gems are likely to be the trending stones in the coming months but nothing beats the magic of a Blue Sapphire Ring that looks ravishing with both platinum and yellow gold settings.

Emerald Engagement Rings

More and more to-be-weds are going green with Emerald Engagement Rings and the best part is that we are not yet getting started about the sustainability aspect. Emerald engagement rings are noticing a massive surge in popularity and surge and they are expected to make big inroads in the near future as well. Emeralds have always been associated with new beginnings and serenity, which make them the perfect choice for many to-be-weds. Emerald is a timeless and classic stone that offers an elegant look and a pop of color without the same price tag as that of a diamond.

Alexandrite Stone Ring

Do you want to demonstrate a stunning yet unique statement by staying away from tradition? If your answer is in the affirmative, it is time for you to try out Alexandrite engagement or wedding rings that are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. One of the best things about Alexandrite is that the stunning stone tends to change colors based on how it is hit by light, ranging from fuchsia to blue, purple, green, and even orange.

What is the Best Choice of Metal in Jewelry Design?
What is the Best Choice of Metal in Jewelry Design?

Many jewelry designers would want to make jewelry using different types of metals wonder on which metals would bring the best returns. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry presented with various metals can be quite tasking. Well, all jewelry designers must understand the difference between base metals and precious metals. Let us dive in to understand what base metals and precious metals are and get which of these is the best choice.

Precious Metals

What are precious metals? These metals are considered to be of high end-value in society due to their rarity and high economic value. Precious metals come in a wide range and designers have a variety of precious metals to choose from. They include Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Gold Vermeil (Gold plated over sterling silver). Some precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum are noble metals. This means that they are highly resistant to corrosion.


Gold is soft and malleable. For this reason, it is mixed with other metals like silver or zinc to make solid and wonderful jewelry pieces that can be worn for a longer period. Gold is cherished by most designers and is used for making jewelry designs in wedding rings, earrings and necklaces.


Don’t you love sterling silver? It is versatile, has a stunning look, and is cherished by a vast majority because of these. Not only that, it is the best option for people on a budget because it is affordable than gold. Jewelry designers find it great for everyday use because of its durability and it does not react with the skin.


Vermeil is a precious metal owing to its composition, gold, and silver. A gold layer is applied to sterling silver to make vermeil. The gold layer used in making vermeil jewelry in the United States must be of high quality. The minimum purity must be 14k with a thickness not less than 2.5 microns. Vermeil has no allergies since it is made of hypoallergenic metals. It is durable and the jewelry pieces created from vermeil look like solid gold.

Gold plated jewelry is also just like vermeil. However, the difference comes in on the base metal used in gold plating. The base metal could be brass or copper, which is low quality than silver. Unlike vermeil, there are no specific requirements set for gold plated jewelry, and the gold layer may be less than 2.5microns.


Platinum is becoming a popular choice for jewelry designers because of its beauty and physical properties. It is silvery-white, highly durable, and can be mixed with other metals. Besides, it is resistant to tarnish, making it ideal for making rings, bracelets and everyday jewelry. However, Platinum is extremely rare and therefore pricier than other metals.


This metal is also silvery-white in color, just like Platinum. Jewelry designers fancy it because of its color, density, hardness and tarnish-resistant nature. For designers looking to make lighter pieces of jewelry that require low maintenance, Palladium would be an excellent choice. Furthermore, its price is affordable than Platinum.

Base Metals

Base metals are an excellent choice for jewelry, though they are not precious metals. They are a mixture of few metals that are combined to form one base metal for jewelry. Metals that are durable and commonly used as base metals include copper, aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel, and lead. It is important to note that base metals can be plated. However, the plating wears out eventually, and replating may be needed. For jewelry designers who need to make desirable jewelry that is super affordable, base metal is the way to go. Let us have a look at a few of the base metals.


This metal is soft and does not rust. Besides, you can add custom colors to aluminum. However, when aluminum comes into contact with oxygen and water, it oxidizes. The oxidized layer then forms a layer preventing the aluminum from further corrosion, which is good news!


Copper is a soft metal and has a bright reddish-orange color. Because it is a highly reactive metal, it darkens and gains patina. It discolors the skin when worn in jewelry designs like a wedding or engagement ring and tight-fitting bracelets.


Nickel is an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel and is usually silver in color. However, it has no sterling silver component whatsoever. Jewelers find nickel components attractive because it costs less than sterling silver. Though jewelers and jewelry designers need to be aware that it may cause allergic reactions in some people. The law provides regulations on nickel’s use in jewelry.


Lead has been used to make jewelry pieces despite being a heavy and toxic metal, being that it is a cheap base metal. It does not degenerate therefore harmful to the environment. Also, it is harmful to human beings when ingested as lead accumulates in the human body. Jewelers are advised to comply with the strict laws by maintaining a low percentage of lead weight in their designs.

Why Is Precious Metal a Better Choice Than Base Metal for Jewelry Designers?

  1. Precious metal keeps its value and is a worthy investment
  • Jewelry made from precious metal will keep most of its value when the plating fades or in case of damage, while base metal jewelry will become worthless.
  • During difficult economic times, one can use precious metal jewelry for tender as they produce better returns. For example, families could get by the great recession of 1929 by selling their precious jewelry.
  1. It’s easier to make money from precious metal jewelry
  • Most customers understand and appreciate the value of precious metals. As a jeweler, you will not have to sell precious metal in large quantities to get money since customers will pay a hefty amount for a good piece of jewel made from precious metal. Meanwhile, base metal costs less because it is imported from overseas at a low cost and their prices are market-driven and will not be worth the time or effort put in.
  1. Precious metal jewelry is of high quality and lasts longer compared to base metal jewelry. Moreover, when it comes to conserving the environment, precious metal is ideal because base metals have negative environmental impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is gold-plated brass jewelry considered precious metal?

No. it is not a precious metal. It doesn’t matter how good the plating is done, it will eventually fade out and you will end up with a piece of worthless brass jewelry with an ugly faded gold plating.

  1. How about gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry is 5% of the total weight of gold bonded to copper/brass core. So, 95% of the jewelry is still base metal. A gold-filled layer will last much longer than most gold plating. However, it is still not considered a precious metal. Also, gold-filled jewelry can only be made from gold-filled sheets or wires, it cannot be made from casting. It imposes relatively high restrictions on the design.

The Top Handmade Jewelry Trends of 2020 to Inspire You in 2021
The Top Handmade Jewelry Trends of 2020 to Inspire You in 2021
By looking at last year's top trends, we can see into the future a bit. Trends don't tend to change overnight but evolve over time. Fads develop overnight and then disappear as fast as they came. But trends, current and recently passed trends can help you develop your spring line or to know what types of materials to carry in your shop. Looking back at recent trends can help you predict what future trends might look like, and that can help your bottom line.
Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!
Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!

We just came back from the second biggest jewelry trade show in the western hemisphere: the JIS Miami Show. Once again, it has confirmed one of the hottest trends in today’s jewelry design: small is BIG! Read this blog post and find out the consumer behavior shift and the reason behind "Small is BIG" jewelry trends.

Wire Wrapped Pearl Design Ideas

Get inspired with design ideas featuring our wire wrapped pearls.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Chain

Introducing our NEW Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Chain!

Diamond Cut Bead Chain

We are so excited to finally be able to put this gorgeous Diamond Cut Bead Chain onto our site. This chain was wildly popular at our trade shows this year and we completely sold out at each one; we didn't even get a chance to list it! We have finally been able to re-stocked for the holiday season and offer this amazingly versatile chain in 4 different finishes. The 4 finishes available for this style chain are rose gold, yellow gold, oxidized silver, and rhodium plated silver.

4 color Diamond Cut Bead ChainThis unique chain made in Italy is a brand new design for 2018-19! Diamond cut on both sides making it very sparkly, unique, and luxurious looking! Each bead on this chain is cut to look like a faceted round diamond. The edges are round a smooth, making it very comfortable to wear. This chain is ideal for bracelet and necklace making. No matter which side this Diamond Cut Bead Chain lays on or rolls to, the bright reflective shine of the facets is there to please!

Diamond Cut Bead bracelet

This chain is great for earrings, necklaces, anklets, and of course bracelets. This chain is also great for layering and pairing with other chains. This is the sort of chain you can add to your every wear collection. The simple facets on each bead gives off an amazing glimmer, adding that sense of sophistication to any ensemble. Regardless of the finish you choose, this chain can match with anything and everything. The Diamond Cut Bead Chain is certainly one of the most versatile and BEST SELLING chains we offer at AZ. We offer some of the best wholesale prices in the findings industry with the absolute GREATEST service you'll find. If you're in need of a reliable findings company, you've found the right one!


Shortcut: Diamond Cut Bead Chain 

Sliding Beads

Sliding Beads


Sliding beads are the perfect finding for jewelry makers who want their pieces to be customizable and unique. This is due to the sliding beads inner silicone layer that has the ability to grip and clutch chain but allows for the bead to be repositioned easily.  The silicone provides the flexibility to change the length and style of a necklace or bracelet and can eliminate the need for a clasp. A designer does not need to be limited to using chain, as wire and leather work well with sliding beads also.  The bolo style bracelet and necklace are the perfect example of the sliding bead’s capabilities. 

Below are pictures demonstrating the bolo style with a sterling silver sliding bead:   

Sliding Bead on Bracelet
 This bracelet's fit can be adjusted with the double holed sterling silver slider bead.  


Sliding Bead down on necklace Sliding bead up on necklace Sliding bead chain up and down

The above pictures display how a sliding bead can be used to change the style and length of a necklace.  The sliding bead or chain getting repositioned results in 3 different looks.  


You can find our wholesale sterling silver sliding bead by following this link: