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The Top Handmade Jewelry Trends of 2020 to Inspire You in 2021
The Top Handmade Jewelry Trends of 2020 to Inspire You in 2021
By looking at last year's top trends, we can see into the future a bit. Trends don't tend to change overnight but evolve over time. Fads develop overnight and then disappear as fast as they came. But trends, current and recently passed trends can help you develop your spring line or to know what types of materials to carry in your shop. Looking back at recent trends can help you predict what future trends might look like, and that can help your bottom line.
Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!
Trending Jewelry: Small is BIG!

We just came back from the second biggest jewelry trade show in the western hemisphere: the JIS Miami Show. Once again, it has confirmed one of the hottest trends in today’s jewelry design: small is BIG! Read this blog post and find out the consumer behavior shift and the reason behind "Small is BIG" jewelry trends.

Wire Wrapped Pearl Design Ideas

Get inspired with design ideas featuring our wire wrapped pearls.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Chain

Introducing our NEW Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Chain!

Diamond Cut Bead Chain

We are so excited to finally be able to put this gorgeous Diamond Cut Bead Chain onto our site. This chain was wildly popular at our trade shows this year and we completely sold out at each one; we didn't even get a chance to list it!...

Sliding Beads

Sliding Beads


Sliding beads are the perfect finding for jewelry makers who want their pieces to be customizable and unique. This is due to the sliding beads inner silicone layer that has the ability to grip and clutch chain but allows for the bead to be repositioned easily.  The silicone provide...

Magnetic Clasps for Jewelry Making

Magnetic Clasps

Clasps are an essential part of most jewelry making, not only for their design but more importantly for their functionality.  Some clasps are better suited than others for certain designs and use.  A popular clasp is the spring ring clasp because it blends easily in with most des...