5 Ways to Boost Your Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Holidays

5 Ways to Boost Your  Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Holidays

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Holiday sales are crucial to jewelry businesses as they are a big percentage of the annual total sales for most jewelry vendors. The success of the holiday sales will define your sales performance for the entire year. What you can do to boost your holiday sales?

Make your jewelry gift-giving ready:

We all know the reason behind the strong jewelry sales during the holiday season is that people buy jewelry for gift giving. But finding the perfect gift and getting it wrapped and ready for family and friends can be a big hassle and challenge for most people. Why not make your customer’s holiday shopping experience easier and provide free gift-wrapping or handwritten gift message services? These extra details will increase the recognized value of the gift, making it seem much more special to those giving and receiving it. Your customers will appreciate your help and may buy more from you in the future or share your outstanding services on their Facebook page.

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Use email marketing for holiday sales:

Do you already have a customer subscription email list? If yes, send an email to thank them for their past business and wish them a wonderful holiday season while also letting them know if you are offering new designs, special holiday discounts, free shipping, and/or unique services like gift wrapping. The email response rate during the holiday season is normally higher than at other times of the year.

Use social marketing for holiday sales:

Share your holiday promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pinterest is especially suitable for those searching for gift ideas. Consider using hashtags like #bestjewelryforteachers, #bestjewelryformom, or #holidayjewelrygifts when you make a post as they could bring more attention to it.  If you don’t normally spend money on advertising for social media, this may be the time of year to do it. Platform ads are not expensive, at least not as crazy as Google ads, and with just $5 to $10 a day you could reach quite a large number of customers. Remember one picture is worth a thousand words and one video is worth a thousand pictures.

Consider making a big buzz on your social media platform if you already have a good-sized fan base. Be creative and start a holiday giveaway event by asking fans to share your products in order to win a free jewelry piece from you or create urgency by posting a countdown to the last day to order pieces and have them shipped to arrive by Christmas.

Local holiday market:

You may mostly sell online during the year but in the holiday season, you may want to consider selling at local markets or gift fairs. There could also be selling opportunities at events for organizations like schools, churches, or clubs that host fairs to raise funds and celebrate the holiday season. Visit local markets or speak to the organizers of fundraising events to see if you could set up a booth or offer your goods. Many markets offer a very affordable price for vendors to exhibit and the turnout is great. It could be a hidden gem that you don’t want to miss out on. If you do exhibit at one of these events, remember to keep it festive to allure customers over to your booth, like displaying holiday-themed jewelry pieces and decorative props.

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Work with bloggers or media to promote your jewelry

During the holiday season, you will see a lot of media coverage and blogs about holiday gift ideas and featured products. Where do they find the products they feature? Many media outlets and bloggers are using third party sourcing services to connect with source providers. For example, you can subscribe to a sourcing services website like Sourcebottle (http://sourcebottle.com/) or pitchrate.com. It’s free for the source providers and you will receive daily emails with lists of requests from bloggers or media outlets. Here is an example of a daily email:

If you see anything that is relevant to your jewelry products you can pitch in with a response to the requester. If the blogger is interested, they will later contact you for a sample product. This could be a great opportunity to get your product featured and linked to a popular blog or website. Since you are going to give them one sample product for free it’s better to do some initial research on the media outlet or blogger. Figure out if they have good traffic volume and if they are located in a country or region that you are willing to ship your products to.

I hope the above tips are helpful to you in boosting your holiday sales. Please remember to start preparing holiday promotions early, stock up early, have a clear message about your holiday order cut off time, promote the products that are in the popular gift-giving price range for most of the people. I wish you the best of luck on your holiday sales!

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