How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

Don’t we all love our silver jewelry? The brilliance, luster, and versatility it brings to make us go crazy about it. This is why many of us find tarnish on our silver pieces so annoying. Let us have a quick peek at why silver jewelry can get tarnished.

Why Silver Jewelry Gets Tarnished

Oxygen and Sulphur are the primary pollutants and the reason behind the tarnish on our silver pieces. When either of the gases come in contact with the silver, they bond to the surface and a chemical reaction occurs, hence the cause of discoloration or dirt on the silver jewelry. This chemical reaction can be called an oxidation reaction.

Let’s cut to the chase and see how to care for our silver jewelry when it gets tarnished. It is important to note that some silversmiths purposefully let the silver to darken so that small details can stand out. Therefore, be cautious and use the right cleaning method on your jewelry.

Methods of Cleaning Tarnished Silver Jewelry

  1. Polishing

There are cases when your silver jewelry appears not to be severely tarnished. Polishing is the way to go, especially if your silver has been purposefully oxidized; you do not want to remove the highlights on your jewelry.

Take a soft piece of cloth such as microfiber silver polishing cloth, or a soft non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching the silver pieces. Use long motions of back-and-forth while changing the cloth sections frequently to prevent you from tarnishing back your silver jewelry.

  1. Homemade silver cleaner

It is time to make use of your kitchen ingredients once again. However, this time, we will use them in cleaning your silver jewelry to give you that fabulous look with shiny pieces. There is a range of kitchen cleaners for your silver jewelry. We are going to see the ideal method of cleaning your silver.

How to clean tarnished silver jewelry

  • Use baking soda, boiling water, and aluminum foil to get your silver sparkling quickly and cheaply.

Step 1: Line a glass bowl with aluminum foil. Ensure that the aluminum foil is placed with the shiny side up. Place the silver jewelry in the bowl.

Step 2: Put boiling water into the bowl lined with aluminum foil and add a small amount of bicarbonate soda.

Step 3: Give it a second as the chemical reaction takes place. The orbitals from the silver get attracted to the aluminum foil.

Step 4: Drain off the water and rinse the jewelry with cold water. Then, grab your soft wool to dry and polish it so that you can achieve that grubby shine.

Note: Using this homemade silver cleaning method requires that you only immerse silver pieces that are not adorned with soft stones such as pearls or gemstones. This is because the chemicals can loosen the glue that attaches the stones to your silver jewelry. Also, do not use this method on your oxidized silver jewelry. Like I said before, for oxidized jewelry, using a polishing cloth works best.

Parting Shot

Silver jewelry is valuable and you may want to use them for many years and probably pass them on as family heirlooms. Do not forget to give your jewelry a fresh start by getting rid of the tarnishes on your treasures.


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