Beadsmith Crimping Pliers - Standard Size or Double Notch

2 options are available - standard size or double notch
SKU: 501008

Standard size:
Bead Crimping Pliers are a revolutionary low cost hand tool which forms a smooth, unobtrusive crimp. It banishes forever the unsightly sharp-edged crimp formed by conventional methods. If desired, the finished crimp can be hidden in a clam-type bead tip or slipped into a large-hole bead. This tool works equally well with either round or tube crimps. Each pliers comes complete with instructions. Suitable for crimps under 3mm. 5 1/8 inches long.

Double Notch:

This crimper has two forming cavities to tighten 2-3mm round, tube or combination crimps up to 15% tighter than the standard crimp tool. It also features a true ergonomic handles which give you a great grip. With a little practice, you will be able to match the right cavity with the right crimp every time.

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