925 Sterling Silver Horoscope Charms, Zodiac Sign Pendants (1 pc)

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Material: Solid Genuine .925 Sterling Silver.
Shape: Horoscope charms, a different charm for each sign
Measurement: 8-10mm long, 6-9mm wide. Each charm contains a 3mm closed jump ring, 1.4mm inner diameter.
Quantity: 1 pcs

Aries- March 21- April 19, the ram

Active, Demanding, Determined, Effective, Ambitious

Taurus April 20- May 20, the bull

Security, Subtle strength, Appreciation, Instruction, Patience

Gemini May 21 ? June 20,  the twins

Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Changeable

Cancer June 21- July 22, the crab

Emotion, Diplomatic, Intensity, Impulsive, Selective

Leo July 23-August 22, the lion

Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Initiative

Virgo  Aug 23- Sept 22, the maiden

Analyzing, Practical, Reflective, Observation, Thoughtful

Libra Sept 23- oct 22, the scales

Balance, Justice, Truth, Beauty, Perfection

Scorpio Oct 23- Nov 21 , the scorpion

Transient, Self-Willed, Purposeful, Unyielding

Sagittarius Nov22-dec 21, the centaur

Philosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism

Capricorn  Dec 22- jan 19, the mountain goat

Determination, Dominance, Persevering, Practical, Willful

Aquarius  Jan 20- feb 18, the man who carried water

Knowledge, Humanitarian, Serious, Insightful, Duplicitous

Pisces  Feb 19- march 20, the fish

Fluctuation, Depth, Imagination, Reactive, Indecisive

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