Why use videos for marketing jewelry?

Why use videos for marketing jewelry?

Video marketing is a new reality, and brands have already been encashing on this fact. One recent research has indicated that 84% of the customers are more likely to buy the product after watching a video. With such a strong impact of the videos, you can’t ignore video marketing for promoting your jewelry business, isn’t that so?

In this article, we'll cover multiple reasons to convince you about video marketing is the best choice for marketing jewelry items. We are sure this will not only be an informative journey but an exciting one too, so let’s not wait further and embark on this great tour now.

Create virtual shopping lists:

By using videos for promoting the products, you have all the right to explain your jewelry products and the specific look they can create to your target audience. Seeing the actual depiction of the product in the real life will influence your customers to buy those items.

This is even great for upselling the items. You can match a bracelet with the earrings in a specific shoot. Such a video is highly likely to influence the customers, making them purchase the products you offer.

Keep your customers informed:

Another reason for which you must use video marketing in the jewelry industry is to keep the customers informed.

As soon as you launch the latest products, you can make a video with models wearing them and their prices. This will make it easier for your potential customers to find the right product and even share it with their friends or family members. All of this means more customers, thus more profit for your business. Besides, the establishment of brand awareness is a plus you can manage through video marketing.

Influence buying decision:

Gone are the days when pictures or images of the products were considered enough for making a purchase. The customers considered images the ultimate source of information they had, and they made their choices accordingly.

But now when we have videos, consumers expect a visual depiction of the product they are going to buy before they make up their mind. As the jewelry is one of the aesthetic niches, the importance of videos gets even more.

Your customers will be influenced if they see a particular item being worn by a model. They can analyze the style it can bring in for them and the way it can groom their personality.

So, by creating the videos you can expect better results for your store in terms of sales. Customer retention is another metric you can use.

Attract mobile users easily:

While using the videos for jewelry marketing, you’ll be able to attract mobile users with greater ease. The research indicates that most mobile users view videos and are more likely to convert. So, with such a statistic at hand, you can definitely capitalize on this opportunity and create videos. You can get more engaged users and thus have better chances of conversion.

Ensure cross-promotion:

Videos in jewelry promotion are also helpful in cross-selling. You can pair the products which complement each other. And let your customers decide if they are going to buy a single one or the combination. Associating your videos with other promotional techniques like bulk discounting can bring in more revenue for your business.

Enhances customer base:

Sharing the particular products or set of products becomes easy when you have a video available. Your existing audience can share your products with their loved ones, and you’ll get a chance to have a broader customer base.

Besides, it will be all organic ranking. This will enhance the overall value and reputation of your brand. So, you must not forgo the video marketing strategy if you are in the jewelry retail business.

Build brand reputation:

Including the name of your brand & logo with the products can allow you to establish a special place in the minds of the consumers.

Next time, when they’ll see your brand logo, they’ll immediately recognize it. Such a strategy is categorized as the brand awareness strategy. In marketing, it is important to keep your brand in the consideration stage of the customer buying process. This strategy of brand recognition and awareness helps in doing so.

In general terms, it means that showing your brand logo, tagline, and other such elements can bring long-term benefits for you and your brand.

Videos can help you in SEO too:

If you have a website, then this would be an amazing benefit for you as a jewelry business owner. Having video on your website gives a boost in ranking. Although it is not a hard and fast rule, the experts in the industry claim it.

So, if you have created videos, you can upload them with the relevant products or blog posts on your website. It will not only keep the users engaged, reducing the bounce rate but will also boost the organic ranking. This means that your website would be shown in the top results when your potential buyers search for a jewelry-related keyword. Isn’t that a great advantage to have?

Let your customers say something about you:

If you already have videos as your marketing content, your happy customers might want to add in something too. This will generate more buzz about your brand on social media, thus increasing the chances of brand prominence and thus a higher customer base.

You might have to influence your customers a bit or provide them with such a service that they’ll automatically recommend you or share videos about your brand.

Summing up:

Being in the retail or wholesale jewelry business, the importance of video marketing is something you cannot ignore. It provides you with more exposure, an increased customer base, and chances of earning higher revenues.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us for sharing your experiences, use the comments section below.

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