Small Actions That Have a Positive Impact on Your Small Business

Small Actions That Have a Positive Impact on Your Small Business

Selling crafts and handmade jewelry or goods are not for the faint of heart. It’s a highly competitive field that requires not only creativity but also dedication and the mindset of perseverance. It’s also a continual learning process that allows you to develop and expand as you go. If you’re just getting started, here are a few tips on how to strategically position yourself for success.

Try new things.

The singular most important thing you can do as a creative is to try new things. You never know when you might start a new trend. You don’t always have to stick with what’s popular, and there’s nothing wrong with using a variety of materials in your work. As a jewelry maker, for example, you might consider throwing a few freshwater pearl items into the mix to see how they sell. A worst-case scenario here is that you have a few extra pieces of jewelry lying around for your personal stash.

Create a business structure.

Even independent business owners can benefit from having a legal business entity in place. If you are still operating as a sole proprietor, you should know that forming an LLC is a quick and painless process that you can do online. If you’re not sure how to register an LLC in NY, ZenBusiness can walk you through the formation process. As an LLC, you’ll protect your personal property, such as your home and vehicles, if your business is ever targeted by a lawsuit.

Sell in multiple places.

When you’re just getting started, it’s easy to think that local vendor fairs are the only place to sell your wearable works of art. Fortunately, there are plenty of portals online, including Etsy and eBay, that allow you to list your products. Try several to see which renders the best results. You can also use Facebook Marketplace or other social media sites to get the word out that you are open for business. Another idea is to contact local flea markets and small shops to see if you can rent a corner or put a jewelry display on the countertop.

Wear your creations.

Okay, we may have said that trying new things was the most important thing you can do, but wearing your own jewelry is a solid tie. After all, what better way to sell yourself than acting as a walking, talking billboard? Roam Often offers suggestions on how to pair jewelry with clothing, which may give you some ideas on how to bling yourself out even if you’ve dressed down. A single statement piece may be all you need for another jewelry enthusiast to strike up a conversation that may lead to a new customer.

Networking is a simple strategy that anyone can use to get their business up and running. Join networking groups and events that put you into contact with other professionals and creatives. You’ll make connections and will have inside insight into future opportunities to sell your work.

Purge often.

Creativity and messiness go hand-in-hand, but clutter is a whole different ball game. Although many of us tend to thrive off of chaos, the truth is that having too many things in our way can put us on a creative hiatus. Purge your excess materials often. You can sell them as a craft bundle or donate them to your local senior center or school.

There is a common misconception that everything you do for your business has to be big to be impactful. The truth is that small practices, such as those listed above, all work together to build a better business. From wearing your own jewelry to forming a legal entity, every little step you take now will put you that much further ahead.

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