Wedding Ring Trends in 2021

Wedding Ring Trends in 2021

Are you about to get engaged or walk down the aisle in the year 2021 after waiting for years for the most special day of your life with someone special? If your answer is a big yes, it's time for you to think about engagement ring shopping or wedding ring shopping for your partner, with your partner, or just to get acquainted with a wide range of different band settings and diamond cuts.

Whatever your personal jewelry style, you just cannot go with a classic and timeless diamond engagement or wedding ring! Diamonds are timeless and always on-trend beyond their brilliance, beauty, and symbolism.

It is interesting to note here that as much as 83 percent of people surveyed during a retrospective survey of 21,000 couples who got engaged between 2018 and 2019 by the Knot 2019 Jewelry and Engagement Study selected a round-cut white diamond for a center stone. While the classic round-cut white diamond has maintained its status over the years as the most preferred center stone choice, jewelry and signet ring designers across the world keep finding innovative and out-of-the-box ways to make engagement and wedding ring options feel totally unique.

Jade Trau Signet Ring

Truth be told, couples may find the symbolic value and the responsibility carried by engagement and wedding ring to be extra special than ever. A more vintage yet modern appearance like a Jade Trau Signet Ring speak to brides of today and this ring trend is likely to continue in the year 2021 and beyond. No wonder, engagement ring and wedding ring shoppers are evaluating family traditions and legacy as they look for the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring and this is where the Jade Trau Signet Ring steps in.

A year following the one where families were literally forced to stay away and were kept apart, longing for loved ones is bound to make to-be-weds and couples nostalgic. This is one of the biggest reasons that the Jade Trau Signet Ring is right there on top of the top engagement ring and wedding ring trends for 2021 as couples think about their past and future generations as they start their own families.

Band Style Rings

If you are planning to buy stunningly gorgeous for your upcoming engagement or wedding, the Band Style Ring will be an amazing choice for you. Band Style Rings are in great demand for the last few years and rightly so and no wonder they are defined by industry experts as the "it" ring of 2021 and beyond. Beyond being a sustainable ring purchase, Band Style Rings are full of character and exquisitely designed. They hold immense sentimental value and are all the rage for detail-oriented to-be-weds.

Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Rings

The Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Ring may be a non-traditional pick but it does demonstrate some amazingly beautiful romantic symbolism. Oval Sapphire & Diamond Double Halo Rings are excellent options for the proposal and wedding season, especially for to-be-weds who are looking for something truly fashion-forward and unique.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring

If you are yet to hear about Rose Cut Diamond Rings, you are surely in for a treat. The Rose Cut Diamond Ring has a domed top and a flat bottom, which resembles a rosebud. When you choose the Rose Cut Diamond Ring, you are always assured of getting more bang for your buck with this stunning ring that has a stunning and savvy cut. The best thing about the Rose Cut Diamond Ring is that it has an antique look much like a timeless signet ring and its flat booms make the diamond appear stronger than its actual weight in carats.

Two-Stone Rings

This may come as a happy surprise for you but two stone engagement rings are referred to as ‘Toi et Moi’ rings, which means you and me in French. The two stone in this ring signifies the union of two hearts in love into one and there is surely nothing that can be more sentimental than that. Moreover, Two-Stone Rings offer twice the bling to the to-be-weds that makes them an excellent purchase option and one of the favorite trends for the year 2021 and beyond.

Blue Sapphire Ring

A Blue Sapphire Ring is the ultimate magic you want to get your hands on. This blue-stone ring has mesmerizing written all over it and is an ultimate classic. In 2021, many to-be-weds are expected to admire blue-hued gems such as tourmalines, topaz, tanzanite, aquamarines, and blue opals. All of these blue-hued gems are likely to be the trending stones in the coming months but nothing beats the magic of a Blue Sapphire Ring that looks ravishing with both platinum and yellow gold settings.

Emerald Engagement Rings

More and more to-be-weds are going green with Emerald Engagement Rings and the best part is that we are not yet getting started about the sustainability aspect. Emerald engagement rings are noticing a massive surge in popularity and surge and they are expected to make big inroads in the near future as well. Emeralds have always been associated with new beginnings and serenity, which make them the perfect choice for many to-be-weds. Emerald is a timeless and classic stone that offers an elegant look and a pop of color without the same price tag as that of a diamond.

Alexandrite Stone Ring

Do you want to demonstrate a stunning yet unique statement by staying away from tradition? If your answer is in the affirmative, it is time for you to try out Alexandrite engagement or wedding rings that are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. One of the best things about Alexandrite is that the stunning stone tends to change colors based on how it is hit by light, ranging from fuchsia to blue, purple, green, and even orange.