How to Prevent Jewelry Chain from Tangling

How to Prevent Jewelry Chain from Tangling

Jewelry plays an essential role when it comes to complimenting your outfit. You want to ensure that your jewelry stays in perfect shape at all times. Having your necklaces mixed up and knotted while storing or while wearing them can be so frustrating. To avoid the frustrations, I will give you some tips to prevent your chains from intertwining to save you the time you would have spent trying to untangle your accessories.

How to Prevent your Accessories from Tangling During Storage

Knowing how to store your fine metal jewelry ensures that you do not permanently damage your jewelry pieces. There are several tricks one can use. Let's dive into some easy tips:

Use a Ziplock bag, plastic bag, or poly bag to store your necklaces.

zipbag for necklaces

Take your necklace and place the end of the bottom part inside the Ziplock. Then, place it all the way in, leaving the clasp outside the top of the Ziplock, and pinch the clasp such that it is at the top of the Ziplock to prevent tangling. The best part is that when you put your sterling silver or gold chains, they will last longer as bagging prevents the jewelry from tarnishing. You can also add an anti-tarnishing stripe inside the Ziplock bag.

Use a simple drinking straw.

straw to store jewelry chain

Open up your necklace and thread your necklace down the straw. Then close the clasp at the bottom and store the straw either in a toiletry kit or bag. The straw keeps the chain intact, and because there are no many movements and frictions, there will be no knots created.

Keep your jewelry items compartmentalized.

If you put your small jewelry items such as earrings and rings in different compartments from necklaces and other accessories, they will not get caught with each other, hence no tangles. Pill dividers can help store small item jewelry and ensure that the small items do not tangle with the necklaces. Besides, compartmentalizing your jewelry prevents them from being lost.

How to Prevent Jewelry Chain from Tangling While Wearing

Now that you know how to store your jewelry chains let us look at how we can prevent our jewelry chains, especially the layered jewelry chains, from tangling while we wear them.

Wear a layered necklace clasp


layer necklace clasp is a small metal rod with holes that allow you to thread through your layered necklace and connect the clasp. The layer necklace clasp keeps the chain from touching and rubbing against each other. You can wear up to four chains with a necklace spacer without them forming a tangling mess.

Wear jewelry chains of different lengths

You may want to try wearing your chains together to achieve a layered look. To avoid tangling, wear jewelry chains of different lengths. Having a big length difference between the jewelry chains helps prevent them from tangling.

Wear jewelry chains of different types

layer necklace

You can use chains with pearls or gemstones to space your jewelry chains made from silver or gold as they are thin and tangle easily. Chains adorned with gold or silver do not tangle easily, and wearing them amid other chains prevents chains from tangling. The tip here is to ensure that the pieces complement each other to form a perfect look.


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