How to Handle Criticism on Your Handmade Jewelry Design

How to Handle Criticism on Your Handmade Jewelry Design

Being in the jewelry-making business is no easy feat, especially if the jewelry is hand-made and represents designs created and inspired by your thoughts.

There will always be that one customer in the day that walks into your shop and says,

“There is something missing in the design. It feels incomplete”.

Or maybe something like,

“Doesn’t this look pretty old-fashioned?”.

How many of you have been in such a situation?

Possibly more than we’d care to admit.


Response to a Criticism: What NOT To Do

Of course, when somebody makes a comment like this on a jewelry design you had worked so long and hard for, it hurts. But, lashing out in reply is certainly not the way to go about it.

Here are all the responses that you need to cross out from your list, no matter how harsh the criticism is:

Do not interrupt the complainant midway

If somebody is telling you about what’s wrong in your jewelry making and what they don’t like, no matter how rude their tone is, do not interrupt them midway.

Usually, people just like to vent, and if they are able to do so with you, they’ll be calm about a minute later. That is when you can reply thoughtfully.

Do not respond if the criticism was not exactly directed to you.

Sometimes, we hear customers talking among themselves about how they like or dislike a jewelry design. So, if they are discussing faults in your jewelry making among themselves or with someone who is not your business’ employee – let it go.

Never reply impulsively or negatively.

Yes, sometimes a customer can call your jewelry making “childish” or they can count an abundance of flaws in the design, but you must never reply:

a)     Straight away without thinking

b)     Rudely

Always remember, you represent your brand and organization. It is the brand image that must be protected – even in face of criticism.  


How Should You Reply to Criticism on Your Jewelry?

Now that we have the don’ts covered, let's move on to how should you respond to criticism.

We give you an easy, 4-step guide that can apply in all situations.

Step 1 - Ingrain this in your mind: All Criticism is constructive criticism.

Remember how we were always told as children to look at the glass as half-full?

This is very similar to that situation. Positivity and negativity run within us. It is upon us to make a situation positive by replying appropriately.

Therefore, before you launch your jewelry designs on retail or online wholesale, be prepared for criticism – a lot of negative criticism too – but also know that there is a silver lining to everything.

Have an open mind, and everything shall flow smoothly.

Step 2 – Listen

This is very important.

Most of the time, people simply want to be heard. Their criticism may be useful, or it may completely be off-the-mark, but you need to listen to them with patience. This listening shows that their feedback is valuable to you.

Trust us when we say, once the customer has done criticizing and you continue to listen intently and nod your head, the tables shall have turned. Looking at how graciously you take the feedback, the customer will probably end the comment with a good remark about your jewelry making, or sometimes even apologize for being rude.

Step 3 – Respond politely and thank them

When you respond to criticism over your jewelry making, you are representing the brand and its values. Therefore, being callous or rude simply isn’t an option.

Instead, acknowledge their feedback politely. If their criticism does bear some truth (as it may, in many cases), let them know and thank them for being honest with you. This helps build up goodwill with the customer and increases the chances of them returning to your business for their jewelry making needs.

Step 4 – Learn from the criticism

This step is imperative and rotates back to Step 1.

Remember, every criticism is positive criticism, and thus, you must learn from it. It could be that perhaps the designs in your jewelry making are not according to your target audience, or perhaps the clientele desires something more, or different.

Listen to the feedback and incorporate it into your business for improved, customer-centric, jewelry designs.

Be One Step Ahead in the Jewelry Making Arena

It can be difficult to stand in the face of criticism for your handmade jewelry. But, it is a pill that needs to be swallowed.

Fortunately, you can be one step ahead on the remarks on your jewelry making by being proactive. We suggest that you share a glimpse of your new jewelry collection with your trusted friends or family members (trusted ones only!!) before going ahead with the launch.

Ask them for their honest opinion and criticism. Having a third opinion is always good as somebody else can usually find what you missed amid your jewelry making.

Implement the changes, and launch! With any luck, you’d probably be getting less criticism now.

Be a Problem-Solver

When we create something from our own hands, it bears importance to us. Therefore, when it receives criticism, it hurts. Especially if it is regarding your beloved handmade jewelry in which you had invested your heart and soul.

However, remember that standing in the face of individualistic opinion is a normal component of life and one that should be greeted with open arms instead.

Perhaps the criticism is good for you or perhaps it is not. What you need to do is listen carefully, intently, thank them for the feedback, and learn from it.

Instead of delving into criticism and its tone, focus on the content and convert your mentality into that of a Problem-Solver.


Embrace Criticism With Open Arms

Today, criticism hits us from everywhere. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar jewelry making shop or sell jewelry online or in wholesale, remarks will fly in. Sometimes through in-person customers, and mostly through harsh tweets, negative Instagram reviews, or a bad rating on Facebook.

Rise above the criticism and greet it with open arms.

Stay open-minded, polite, and ready to learn – and success will follow!

Have you ever experienced criticism on your jewelry making?

How did you respond to it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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