Custom Imprinted Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths

Custom Imprinted Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths

Did you know that a good quality polishing cloth can help prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing? Well, sterling silver will tarnish over time if proper care is not taken. Hence, the need for a microfiber silver polishing cloth. A microfiber polishing cloth is durable, hence long-lasting to serve your customers’ jewelry buffing needs. AZ findings offer customized imprinted silver polishing cloths made from microfiber with an already added polishing agent onto it. Our microfiber polishing cloth is created to fully absorb moisture on jewelry and provide a smooth clean on jewelry leaving no room for tarnish.

These microfiber polishing cloths come individually wrapped and with a wide color variety for all your consumer preferences. Also, as a jeweler, you need to ensure that your silver jewelry stock keeps shining! AZ Findings have Polishing cloths in brilliant colors of yellow, light blue, pink, green, white, and grey to help get the attention of your consumers. It gets even better with the customized imprint order option whereby jewelry designers and retailers can have their brand image printed on the polishing cloth. Customizing your silver jewelry polishing cloth is a great way to create a professional outlook for your business. Not only will your business brand stand out, but also it will act as an excellent tool for brand awareness.

For a jewelry company looking out to increase customer loyalty, having a custom imprinted silver jewelry polishing cloth is the smart thing to do. You can improve your customer’s open box experience by giving them the wow experience. How can we make it happen? Easy, put in the custom imprinted silver jewelry polishing cloth inside the box with the silver jewelry in it as a handout! People love good surprises and this can be a great way of making customers happy. In turn, these satisfied customers will reward you with loyalty and authentic marketing since you will have won your brand an advocate who will passionately share their experiences. Furthermore, customers tend to keep polishing cloth for a long time because it is a high utility item, making these promotional polish cloths become a culture enhancing your brand image.

Custom imprinted polishing cloth

Why a Polish Cloth?

Polish cloth is essential in removing oils, dirt, fingerprints, scratches, and dirt off from silver jewelry, leaving them with a glistening luster. For these reasons, the polish cloth is most ideal for jewelry owners, especially with the increasing demand for silverware and silver jewelry. It is almost impossible to find a household without any silver products or silver jewelry.

Tips for Customizing Your Polish Cloth

  • Add the polishing cloth to your website and increase website traffic.
  • Add the polishing cloth to your social media and attract more followers.
  • Add a coupon code to your customized polishing cloth and increase sales.
  • Give an extra polishing cloth to your customers so that they share with friends and family about your jewelry brand.

How to Get Your Custom Imprinted Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths

To order for a custom imprint, you can order online from a jewelry supplies wholesaler like AZ Findings from their website:

Send us an email of the image you want to appear on the polishing cloth as well as the position you need the image to be put. After that, we will send an image of the printing result and wait for your approval. In 2-3 weeks, your customized printing cloth will be shipped over to you. Get your polish cloth custom design, logo, size, cloth, and color choice. Hurry, get your first batch of 250 pieces, minimum order quantity, of customized imprinted microfiber silver polishing cloths, and put your jewelry brand on a portability curve.

Parting Shot

The AZ Findings custom imprinted microfiber polishing cloth is ideal for polishing silver jewelry, leaving them sparkling as new. Not only will your customers enjoy the smooth and thorough cleaning for their silver jewelry, but also your business will benefit from this cost-friendly method of advertisement. Embed a culture of giving customized imprinted silver jewelry polishing cloth handouts in your business to deliver happiness to your consumers and create brand loyalty.

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