Bezel setting pendant

Bezel setting pendant

A bezel setting is a way of enclosing a gemstone within a metal frame. A small ring can be soldered on the frame to make it into a bezel pendant or bezel charm. More than one ring can also be soldered on the bezel frame to make a bezel connector or link. A bezel frame can also be soldered onto a metal backing or blank if only one side of the gemstone wants to be shown. This kind of bezel frame is also called a bezel cup, pendant plates, or pendant trays. This is a preferred choice for opaque gemstones. When a gemstone is transparent or translucent, most designers will choose a bezel frame without backing to show both sides of the gemstone and allow light to pass through to reflect the beauty of the gem.

The materials of the bezel frame can be gold, silver, or base metal. At AZ Findings, we only carry precious metal frames, i.e. silver, gold plated silver. We received inquiries from some customers for the gold-filled bezel pendant. They are normally not available on the market. Most of the gemstones used in the bezels are made in India or other countries in South Asia. Gold-filled materials are not available in that market. Gold-filled is mostly used in the USA and regulated in the USA by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Other countries in South Asia do not have the supply or regulation to control gold-filled material. The bezel setting is a labor-intensive procedure and most of the American manufacturers do not make them due to the low-cost labor competition from overseas. You may still find some jewelers and manufacturers make solid gold gemstone bezel pedant in the USA today.

The gemstone used in bezel setting pendants can be hydro stones or natural gemstones. The hydro stones are man-made. They reflect the similar characteristics of real gemstones at a lower cost. Since they are man-made, color and quality are more consistent. They are the preferred choices for low and medium market jewelry brands. Natural gemstones are mined and cut into the desired shapes and cuttings. They are at a higher price point. AZ Findings carries a high-quality natural gemstone bezel pendant birthstone line at a very affordable price point. Many jewelry stores and high-end jewelry brands carry our stones and received great customer feedback.

As the largest bezel gemstone pendant wholesaler in the USA, we work closely with our factory and provide custom manufacturing services for businesses who need more than 30 to 50 pieces for each stone. We can work with you to design your own shape, size, and stone choices. Please contact our sales team for more details.

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