Basic Skills- Connector Charms

Basic Skills - Connector Charms


Connector charms and links are ver popular, versatile findings in jewelry making. They can be found in all sorts of shapes, sizes, embellishments and stone bezels. They are also very simple and easy to use so knowing these basic skills can enhance your ability to design and create beautiful jewelry.

Materials: Connector charm (SKU: 201271), 3.5mm 20 gauge jumprings, 4.5mm 20 gauge jumpring, 9mm lobster clasp, chain ( 101011)

Tools: Bent chain nose pliers (501006), wire chain cutters (501007)


Step 1: Open 3.5mm jumpring, loop through chain end and connector ring on charm. Grip jumpring with bent chain nose pliers and twist until closed. Ensure there is no gap where ring closes.

Step 2: Mesure chain to desired length. This chain was cut to 10.5" ( anklet), be sure to include additional findings being used such as clasp and jumprings.

Step 3: Cut the chain in half ( for a centered charm), or elsewhere depending on your design. 

Step 4: Connect the loose chain with the connector charm using 3.5mm 20 gauge ring.

Step 5: Add clasp to chain, open ring and loop onto chain end. Close ring.

Step 6: Add ending jumpring, 4.5mm 20 gauge ring to other the end of the chain. Open ring, loop through chain and close.


AZ Findings Team


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