Five Design Ideas of Using Leftover Jewelry Chains

Five Design Ideas of Using Leftover Jewelry Chains

Jewelry chains – one of the loveliest, most used, and often the most leftover items in a designer’s chest. Wouldn’t you agree?

As a jewelry designer or a small jewelry shop owner, having leftover chains is just a routine. Obviously, you have to cut jewelry chains to the length you desire. You might not realize but by following this norm, you’ll soon have a big pile of leftover jewelry chains with you, each of them varying in shape, color, and style.

For most of you, such leftover jewelry chains would be useless as recycling them would cost you more than their actual price – not to mention the hassle involved.

So does that mean you should waste the heaps of silver and gold? Not at all. We wouldn’t recommend you to waste any of the resources especially if it is a form of precious metal. So?

leftover jewelry chains

In this article, we will talk about some jewelry design ideas from using the leftover chains. It may inspire you to create more unique designs and rescue those leftover chains and hopefully bring in more sales for your jewelry business.

So, let’s not wait further and dive into the pool of ideas that can generate your income stream as well.

1. Bracelets from leftover chains

You have several inches long leftover chains. Isn’t that true? Probably each with a different design, right? Mix them to create a bracelet. You can connect small chain pieces with jump rings, finish with a clasp or hang a little charm at the end. And you’ll end up creating a brand new product, which you’ll be paid for.

Such a design won’t even cost you much, isn’t that a great thing to do? Besides, you can create multiple designs just with slight variations.

You can even use the mix of leftover flat cable chains with a larger drawn chain; it can work as a bracelet extender.

Charm bracelet wholesale

You can also connect the leftover chain pieces with a pearl or stone connector. This bracelet uses one piece big circle link leftover chain and a longer piece of thin cable chain. Finish it with an elegant toggle. Adding a crystal or a diamond is your choice. You can make it as customized as you want.

pearl bracelet wholesale

2. Tassel from leftover chains

Did you see the little tassel from the bracelet above? You can also create such a bracelet just from the leftover chains. Tassels are elegant and can be used as necklace pendants, in earrings, or bracelets.

Here is another sample of tassel we created from leftover chains:

A pearl connector in between leftover Jewelry making chains; on one end you can wire wrap the chain while on the other end you could incorporate the tassel.

The best part is you can give your tassel different shapes depending upon the type of Jewelry making chains you have at your disposal.

wholesale jewelry tassel

3. Earring from leftover chains

Love the dangle earring that moves with you? The leftover Jewelry making chains prove to be a perfect raw material for this purpose. While in the jewelry business, you have to come with a variety of products, so your customers will always be on your side, bringing you more sales and thus higher profits.

To help you with this effort, here is another creative design that you can create with simple mixing of the available Jewelry making chains.

Look at the dangle earring below that is created from a broken tiny curb necklace chain.

wholesale silver earring thread

4. Chain extenders from leftover chain

Have been thinking to add an extender to your necklace? Why not use that one-inch leftover cable chain you just cut out? This piece of cable chain has large links that allow clasps to clap into any link. It’s perfect for an extender.

Dealing in wholesale, we are sure you’ll have a lot of variety in the chain design. You can even mix and match the extenders with different bracelet designs and get the most out of them.

How can you make an extender? Add a jump ring and a cute end tag will make it a perfect extender chain:

wholesale chain extender

5. Chain Ring from leftover chain

While we have created nearly all the important jewelry items from the Jewelry making chains, why not a ring? Solder or close this leftover chunky diamond cut chain into a unique chain ring. Yes, it is this simple and your customers would probably love the innovation.

wholesale chain ring

Make a personalized chain ring by simply connecting a small piece of leftover cable chain to the initial connector or zodiac connector. We are sure you can create your own brand with such a design. Modifying the styling and the letter additions is surely your thing and we are sure you can add a bit of innovation to the design below to get a few more versions.

wholesale initial ring

How about a delicate birthstone chain ring made from less than one-inch flat cable chain and a tiny blue topaz connector? Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

wholesale birthstone ring

By now, your design ideas must start flowing. There are many different ways to be creative with your leftover chains. And they are all easy to create. You can start by following these ideas that we have mentioned and then we are sure you’ll have a lot of unique ideas of your own that can give your business a unique appeal.

So, don’t toss the jewelry-making chains out, don’t let them sit there. Turn them into your new design ideas and potentially a new product or product line that can bring your business to the next level. Good luck and have fun with leftover chain designs.

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