Stringing Materials

Wholesale selection of beading thread and wire for your jewelry making projects. Our selection of beading wire includes waxed thread, flex nylon wire and woven metal alloy wires. Offered in a variety of finishes and sizes including 24K Gold plated metal alloy, sterling silver plated and waxed thread. A variety to suit your jewelry designing needs.

Wholesale beading wire and waxed thread.

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Beadsmith Flex-rite 49 Strand Beading Wire - Clear Coated S.S Wire - .018" 30 ft

SKU: 501039-18C
49 strand beading wire- Clear coated - .018" 30ft.

Beadsmith Flex-rite 49 Strand Beading Wire - Metallic Satin Gold - .014" 30 ft

SKU: 501039-14G
49 strand beading wire- Metallic Satin Gold - .014" 30ft