Semiprecious Gemstone Beads -100% Genuine Pink Amethyst Gemstone Bead Faceted Heart Shape Briolette- Grade A/B - 11-15mm

15mm is Out-of-Stock
SKU: 309007-PAM

100% Genuine Semi Precious Gemstone Beads. 
Faceted Heart Shape Gemstone Briolette
Stone: Pink Amethyst
Grade: A/B
Measurement(L/W, thickness): 
                                                  Size A- 15-17mm, 6-8mm thick (approximately)
                                                  Size B- 13mm, 7mm thick (approximately)
                                                  Size C- 11mm, 6-7mm thick (approximately)

SKU #: 
            Size A- 309007-PAM-15
            Size B- 309007-PAM-13
            Size C- 309007-PAM-11

Note: Only 4 pcs of Grade A 15mm available.

Choose between Grade A or Grade B. 
Grade A offers more clarity, even facets, straight drilled holes and almost inclusion (flaws) free. Grade B are beautiful stones that may have some discoloration, are misshapen or have small inclusions.

Pictures show the shape of product, for actual size, please read the measurement.

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