Natural Druzy Agate Crescent Bar Pendant, Light Grey Druzy Bar Connector, Half Moon Long Bar

Natural Druzy Agate, 24K Gold plated dip edging and rings
SKU: 292107-LGY

Stone: Geode Druzy Agate- Light Grey Druzy Agate
Type: Crescent Bar connector
Material: Gold plated brass, gold dipped
Shape: Crescent, half moon
Measurement: Approximately 24-28mm long by 8-10mm wide, 3-6 mm thick
Weight: Approximately 2-4 grams per piece.
Connector Rings: About 1.5mm inner diameter, 4mm outer diameter
Quantity: 1 pendant

Note: As these are natural stones, stone shade/color, shape and size may vary slightly.

Pictures show the shape of the products, for actual size, please read the measurement.

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