Oxidized Sterling Silver Open Jump Rings - 19ga, 4mm (20 pcs)

SKU: 205119-040-OX

Material: Oxidized Sterling Silver Made in Italy, Oxidized by AZ FindingsĀ 
Component size: 19 gauge(0.9mm thickness), 4mm OD.
Quantity: 20 pieces.
Gauge to mm Conversion Chart
Gauge mm (approx.)
0.3mm = 28 gauge
0.4mm = 26 gauge
0.5mm = 24 gauge
0.6mm = 22 gauge
0.7mm = 21 gauge
0.8mm = 20 gauge
0.9mm = 19 gauge
1.0mm = 18 gauge

NOTES: Pictures show the shape of the item, for actual size please see the measurement.

Oxidized products are custom made and are not eligible for exchange or return.