22k Gold Over 925 Italian Sterling Silver Finished Chain - Light Flat Cable

Lengths: 16"- 36", Oval link is 2.1mm by 1.5mm
SKU: 601021-VM

22K Gold plated 925 Italian Sterling Silver Necklace Chain, ready to wear. Imported from Italy. It has 925 mark on it.

Material: 22K Gold plated Solid Genuine .925 Sterling Silver

Chain Shape: Super light flat cable oval chain

Measurement: Oval link is 2.1mm by 1.5mm

Thickness: 0.3x0.1mm

Available length: 16"- 36 inch. Please contact seller if you require additional lengths.

NOTES: Pictures show the shape of the chain. For actual size, please see the measurement. Listing price is for one item.

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